APC's Private Client Service

Financial Management also means taking responsibility.

APC’s Private Client Service

Life can be complicated. It’s perfectly natural for some to feel unprepared and ill-equipped to adequately manage their personal affairs and ongoing financial challenges in a structured and easy manner.

At APC, we understand how important it is for you to find that feeling of financial organisation whilst also balancing life’s obstacles. Which is why our Private Client Service is tailored to be comprehensive, highly coordinated, integrated and most importantly, personal – making it feel like an effortless and stress-free experience. This allows you to stay content and concentrate on the things that matter the most to you.

Through a methodical approach (based upon our 9 Keys to Financial Independence), we can help you develop a unique and comprehensive strategy that cohesively meshes the various components of your financial life together. Our complete approach guarantees that nothing is left to chance and that your personal goals and objectives are kept in mind throughout your journey.

We strongly believe in the notion that clarity brings about a greater sense of control, informed decision making and ultimately, confidence. These are at the centre of everything we do together. As part of our Private Client Service, you’ll have exclusive access to our Foundation Client Service and our Aged Care Service.

APC recognises the importance of our client’s family and their wellbeing and believe that our role extends to those family members – both children and parents. This means helping them to achieve a better financial position and offer the same calibre of guidance and advice where we can. We understand and recognise that when it comes to younger members beginning their financial journey or older members tackling the ever-changing aged care landscape that objectives and needs can differ greatly. Which is why APC can help address the unique and specific needs of both.

For the young adult children of our clients we have the Foundation Client Service

Time is a valuable asset and getting onto the right path, as early as possible, can be enormously beneficial in later life. At APC we recognise that knowing how to achieve this, and where to begin, can be a challenge.

To establish a clear picture of the pathway ahead, we place high importance on a strong understanding of cash flow and looking at where you are today in relation to where you want to be. This creates a solid foundation from which to explore the possibilities, priorities and develop a strategy ‘road map’.

While based up the 9 Keys to Financial Independence framework, the Foundation Client Service takes a unique, step by step approach, with you, the client, controlling the pace and progress. It is specifically designed to allow you, and APC, to focus on the areas of priority.

The Foundation Client Service is suited to individuals getting a start on their financial journey, who want to be in control and appreciate the guiding hand of an experienced and trusted professional who is in their corner. The service includes annual reporting, ongoing strategy tacking and performance review and access to a range of education tools.

If you would like to know more about the Foundation Client Service, please contact our office or refer to our brochure.

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For the older parents of our clients we have the Aged Care Service

Arranging for an in-home care provider or a move into an aged care facility can be a challenging time. Many will be faced with making decisions or being a part of them, on behalf of elderly parents or family members at some time or another. This can mean a need to juggle both emotional and financial demands, often at relatively short notice.

Unfortunately, navigating the Aged Care system can be complex, for not only finding the right in-home care provider or aged care facility but also understanding the financial implications and establishing an appropriate financial strategy.

APC places high importance on establishing an effective and appropriate financial strategy but recognises that there are several moving parts when it comes to choosing the right aged care service provider, often with a requirement to make simultaneous decisions. Through our collaboration with leaders and aged care specialists, you will have the ability to access a complete and unified solution, if required.

We believe that this is a valuable collaboration built to ensure that both the financial and emotional aspects associated with choosing the right aged care service provider can be managed harmoniously and that above all else, your loved ones achieve positive outcomes.

If you would like to know more about the Aged Care Service, please contact our office.

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The 9 Keys to Financial Independence

Our 9 Keys to Financial Independence is a methodical approach specifically designed to encompass every facet of your financial life. Through these keys we can guarantee you’ll achieve significant clarity, control and confidence when working towards your financial goals. Our entire service is structured around these nine keys.

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