Accountants (Retired)

Tim and Helen Dowdell

Our Client Since 1998

After being made redundant in 1997, we needed a comprehensive and strategic financial plan for our retirement. Our conservative nature allows little room for improvisation and my wife and I like to leave nothing to chance. This is reflected in our life-plan – of which APC has been a big part of.

Financial advice was part of the outplacement package I received. The provider of the package had a good relationship with APC’s founder. This was enough for us to choose APC from the get-go and we’ve never regretted the decision over the last 22-years.

There has never been a moment where my wife and I have felt uncomfortable with APC’s services – their constant warmth and upfront personalities are welcomed and we’re totally satisfied with their services. Their transparency over our 22-year journey with them has been refreshing and honest.

The polite and professional advisers instil us with constant confidence and always present information in an easy-to-understand format. We also feel as if we’re never forgotten as we’re regularly kept up to date on progress. APC also display their performance to all clients at the annual briefings – which is a testament to how open and trustworthy the company is.

APC’s tailored and thorough financial plan is well-considered, structured, consistent and easy to follow – which ticks all our boxes. They seem to be constantly one step ahead of the game, tweaking the plan or offering welcome advice whenever necessary or relevant. Any queries I have for them are addressed succinctly and politely.

They really take the time to listen to my wife and me – proving that nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to looking after their clients. At the end of the day, APC constantly delivers complete and proactive advice in every financial service area – making us feel confident and comfortable with our retirement plan.

“APC honestly make us feel as though we are their only clients.”

– Tim and Helen Dowdell