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At Australian Private Capital, we help our clients Build, Manage, Protect and Distribute their wealth.
Whilst everyone’s needs and goals are unique and personal, over the years, our clients have tended to fall into one of the following three groups.

Our relationship with our clients is based on trust, earned over time by clearly demonstrating that their interests come first, above all else.

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SINCE 1988


At APC, our 100% focus is on understanding what is truly important to you. Our experience tells us this is not about money. You are not numbers on a bank statement. It is more about your values as a person and what is driving you to achieve your goals. That’s why at Australian Private Capital, we are open and respectful, we listen to you and we want to understand your needs. Finally, we provide you with some peace of mind that we can help.

Of course, managing your finances is no easy feat and can become a stressful and overwhelming task if not handled correctly. We get that! Our ‘Team-based’ approach to providing advice means that the achievement of your important goals is not the objective of just one Adviser but our Team of Advisers, ably supported by our Associates and dedicated Client Services staff.

Your best interest is always our #1 priority at APC. We have operated our own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) since 1988, meaning there’s no pressure from banks, insurance companies or industry super funds to recommend “in-house” products. All the solutions that we offer are recommended explicitly to help you achieve your goals for the lowest risk and cost. We do not accept any form of commission payment from third-party providers – and if we do, it is returned to you 100%.

Our highly qualified and experienced Advisers can help you build, manage, protect and distribute your wealth and legacy whilst ensuring you have the clarity to take control of your financial well-being – giving you the confidence to believe that you can and will achieve what’s important to you.


No Commissions

Operate our own License
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Our Process

Through our methodical approach we can develop your advice, implement your strategies and benchmark your progress, all at a pace that suits you.


1. Your Introductory Meeting

We want to hear from you about what is important to you and to better understand how we may be able to help.  It is also an opportunity for you to gauge if APC is the right fit for you and your family.

At this meeting we will:

  • Establish a clear idea of the important personal goals you’d like to achieve
  • Gain a greater understanding of your financial position and cash flow
  • Explore potential strategies that can help you achieve these goals

In this meeting we will honestly explain if we believe we can help you.  We will also let you know what the cost to you will be to develop your personal financial strategy.


2. Your Strategy Development

Discovery Phase

At this point we need to establish a comprehensive understanding of your current financial circumstance.  We will base our recommendations to you on this information and it will include;

  • Current cash flow
  • Lifestyle assets
  • Investments & how you own them
  • Debts
  • Personal insurances
  • Your estate plan

APC’s Advice team will then formulate your strategy, prepare and then present your personal Statement of Advice.  In our presentation meeting we will clearly explain what we are recommending and what the benefits to you are.  You can move at your own pace to implement your advice.


3. Your Advice Implementation

Usually this process may start with establishing new investment, superannuation or pension portfolios for you.

Again, we will manage as much of this process for you as we can.  APC’s helpful team can assist in the transition of existing assets.  This may include the sale of existing under-performing assets such as shares or managed funds.  It may also include the rollover of existing superannuation or pension assets.

If you have an existing advice relationship that you wish to cease, APC can work with them in a professional and respectful manner to transfer relevant information.

When any advice implementation has been completed you will be invited to join us for your Induction Meeting.


4. Your Induction Meeting

At your Induction Meeting we will continue to work through your advice implementation methodically, ensuring you have full clarity and comfort around each step.

Personal Insurances & Debt

If we recommended changes to your personal insurances or debt facilities in your Statement of Advice, it is in this meeting that we start the process of making those changes happen.  It may be changing existing insurance levels of cover or putting in place new insurances.

Your existing debt’s interest rate may not be market competitive or you may need to re-structure your existing debt or put in place a new facility.  Whatever is required here APC will assist you as much as we can to implement it.

APC’s Commission Rebate Policy

As we are commission free you will know our advice is motivated only by what we believe is in your best interests.  Any commission we receive we will rebate to you 100%.


5. Your Estate Planning Meeting

It is incredibly important and it is in your interest to have your estate plan structured correctly.  Your estate planning meeting will cover the following important areas;

  • Discuss what your wishes are in the event of your death
  • Clearly identify what is and is not covered by your Will
  • Review various estate planning strategies that you could consider
  • Identify what the ‘next steps’ are to implement a new Will

APC is happy to collaborate with your preferred legal adviser however if you do not have one we can introduce you to someone who can help you implement a new Will and new Powers of Attorney if required.

At this point your personal Statement of Advice will be fully implemented.  However your plan is not static and requires regular review to ensure it continues to meet your needs and helps you to achieve your personal goals.  To do this your plan requires Regular Benchmarking.


6. Regular Planning

As life continually evolves, so too does your strategy. Our Regular Planning Meetings, held every six months with you, are designed to ensure that your plan remains optimal and contemporary.  If changes are required they are made proactively with focus on ensuring you have full clarity and confidence in the decisions you make.

We prepare a Wealth Management Review Report for you that clearly reviews each of the 9 Keys to your Financial Independence.  Our meetings can be held face to face in our offices or via video conference and we can record our meetings for you to view later, if someone important can’t attend.

When it comes to the achievement of your important personal goals, we don’t leave things to chance!


I have been most fortunate to have chosen my advisers well. They state the facts, acknowledge the uncertainties, listen to me, provide good strategic advice and always remain available.

Tony Miller

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APC honestly make us feel as though we are their only clients.

Tim and Helen Dowdell

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Our trust in APC’s advice is based on our belief that we are in the best possible position to reach our goals.

Stephen Downes and Eliza Morgans

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Years of excellent service and advice and I feel like APC are my financial partners for life.

Myles Bouvier-Baird

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Trust. I have trust in the decisions being made on my behalf and a great level of comfort provided through APC’s excellent processes and great staff.

Lorna O'Dwyer

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We take great comfort and reassurance knowing that our relationship with APC ensures that the benefits of our hard work are not wasted and that our long term family welfare is protected.

Brett and Naomi Clarke

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Personal client relationships
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Our specialty team of financial advisors has been carefully curated to ensure you get the most personal and tailored experience possible. Each team member is backed by extensive experience and internationally recognised accreditations – as well as unyielding practice in the fields of accounting and taxation.

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APC’s ESG Statement

Our ESG statement explains the foundation upon which APC operates as a business. It establishes our approach to a sustainable purpose and forms the basis of our decisions by focusing on our values and ethics, our approach to compliance, our people and culture and finally our community involvement.

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Financial Health Check

This questionnaire will take around five – ten minutes to complete and uses 9 key themes to determine your financial fitness. Being honest with yourself will ensure an accurate ‘anchor point’ from which the mapping of your financial journey can begin.

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